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We journey with God, to serve with love

Welcome to Bethlehem Lutheran Church

An Open Invitation from our Pastor:

At Bethlehem, we realize that not everyone who walks in the door "knows church", "speaks church" or has grown up with amazing experiences in a church. We get that, and we are just outlandish enough to believe the most important thing you will take away from visiting us is that we care more about you and your faith journey than all the "stuff" you may have thought you were supposed to know.

Bethlehem has been around since 1892, and while tradition has a place here for certain, we have found that the best way to connect one another to our history is to embrace the present and venture into the future.

We welcome you - always - to join us on Sundays, Saturdays, and throughout the week as we "Journey with God to serve with love". There's a lot going on here. Come and be a part of the journey.


All are welcome!


-"Pastor Paul" Busekist

Join Us for Worship:

Saturday Celebrate! Worship 5pm, 12/31; Please Note: Only one worship service at 10am Sunday, New Year's Day


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