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We journey with God, to serve with love

Red Letter Challenge - Lent 2024


This year's Lenten journey will be based in-part on a series by Zach Zehnder called 

The Red Letter Challenge.

Click here to download the daily calendar for RLC in February and March!


 Based on a book and video series, we will focus on the 5 weeks of Lent, and engage in some fun collaboration with Pastor Dana Hendershot and Immanuel Lutheran Church folks from Mount Pleasant along the way.


The five weeks and their subthemes are:

February 21st (Wed-Tues) "Week of Being"
February 28th (Wed-Tues) "Week of Forgiving"
March 6th (Wed-Tues) "Week of Serving"
March 13th (Wed-Tues) "Week of Giving"
March 20th (Wed-Tues) "Week of Going"

Beginning on Wednesday, February 21st, the 1:30pm ZOOM Bible Study and all others interested will begin studying this series, touching in on the days and themes (above) for that week.

The Zoom sessions will be "Hybrid" meetings, where participants can come to the Bethlehem Youth Room in-person OR meet via Zoom - at the same time (1:30pm Wednesdays)!

Pr. Paul will also engage the Thursday Lent Night dinner and worship participants with thoughts on that week's Red Letter Challenge Book topics. (For example, on Wednesday and Thursday, February 21 and 22, we will touch on the different thoughts by Zehnder for Days 6-12 of the "Week of Being.")

As participants wait for their books to come in, for one week only, PDFs of devotions through the first theme can be found here:

RLC book Intro (Days 1-5)
RLC Theme 1 "Being" (Days 6-12)


The discussions will be held via ZOOM on Wednesdays from 1:30 - 3:00pm. Contact Pastor Paul for ZOOM information at paul.busekist@bethlehemtc.org


Much peace, and looking forward to the red letter journey!

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