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Potential Solar Project


During the January 2024 budget meeting, it was mentioned that the congregation would like more information on the proposal for solar panels on the fellowship hall roof, and would like the privilege to vote on taking this step. For these reasons there will be two meetings on Sundays in February.

Informational Meeting on February 11th:

We will have the chance to hear directly via Zoom from the leader of the company who has led other congregations in this new venture. Since it will be right after church and on Super Bowl Sunday, we will have some tasty hot soups for you to enjoy . . . nourishment for the tummy and for the mind. And don't worry - you'll be home in plenty of time for the 6:30pm kick-off!

Congregational Meeting on February 25th:

Two weeks after the informational meeting, we will have a congregational meeting to determine if we will go forward with the solar panels. We hope as many of you as possible can attend and voice your opinion and vote.

Here are some of the latest materials regarding this potential solar project beyond what appeared in the February 2024 STAR and the January 7th Congr. meeting:


Click here for the one-page summary of all the basic information, also pictured to the right.


(This document, containing "Option 2," was approved by Council earlier this week, as their formal recommendation for the congregation to prayerfully consider.)





Click here for the full  packet of all Solar information, including all Q & As, latest testimonials, and the one-page summary at the end.






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