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We journey with God, to serve with love


Here are a few words about Stewardship from Chair Judy Strickland:

"When I joined the Stewardship Committee, I really knew nothing about it....really! :) Years later, though, I realized just how much our team's ministry can do for the church as a whole. Essentially, stewardship is how God transforms individual people's hearts to give their time, skills and resources - not just to the church. It's deeper than that. We see the work of the church as awakening a Spirit of love for God and neighbor through the people who gather in our midst. It's true that in years past, stewardship committees were often called 'the ones who ask for money.' But the work of my team is helping people see their own potential, and just how much the "Body of Christ" can really change lives."

The Stewardship Committee meets monthly to discuss the ways Bethlehem can support its many ministries, through connecting Bethlehem with the time, talents and resources of our community.

For more information of Stewardship, please contact Judy at 231-322-2871 or jstrickland10985@charter.net

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