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VIEWorship stands for Vibrant & Inspiring Experience of Worship!  While we are strongly Lutheran and will always love our hymns and liturgy, we are excited to see how we can embrace technology and more modern styles of worship into our worship services.

The VIEWorship task force is made up of folks who love to think about worship, music, liturgy, & technology, and the ways that they work together to create a worship experience that is welcoming and inspiring.  While we currently have three services that look very similar in terms of style and liturgy, we are looking toward the future and listening to the Holy Spirit as we seek to worship God fully and with energy.

We love to hear your ideas!  Tell us what you love about worship.  Tell us what you hope to see change.  Tell us your hopes for the future of BLC! 

For more information on what we are doing or to give us your thoughts and comments, please contact Barbra Oster or Patty Leibenguth, co-chairs of the VIEWorship committee, using the email form below:


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