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Christian Education

Description of the committee from the Bethlehem Handbook:

"This committee, in association with the pastors and associates in ministry, oversees, conducts and promotes educational activities within the congregation.  C.E. encourages the use of teaching and worship materials published or approved by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and seeks to introduce the church’s periodicals and books of family devotion into the homes of the congregation.  The committee encourages, promotes and brings the pastoral ministry and other full time church vocations to the attention of qualified youth of the congregation."

A word from the Christian Education Chair, Dianne Blair:

"The Christian Ed committee's job is both fun and clear: We serve to foster a greater relationship with God, with joy and faithfulness. Our committee is unique in that we have been together for a long time, and yet we commit to have fun and learn as we go about this journey. From a faith formation standpoint, our committee truly is at the center of things - helping pave the way for kids from age 3 to middle school, and provides the bridge to our Youth and Young Adult (Y2A) ministry. We'd also love to invite some new members onto the committee, because we believe that inspiring ideas are always the seeds of lasting Christian Education."

For more information regarding Christian Education and this committee, please contact Meghan Denton or Dianne Blair at dhdblair@gmail.com.


Small Group Ministries...

There's a great way to read, explore, discuss to expand your understanding and faith...  Small groups!

Here's a listing of Small Groups meeting this 2017-2018 church season...  Times and dates to be posted soon.


Small Groups 2017-18


Poverty—Cindy Monroe

Jim & Cindy Monroe

Carl & Suzanne Lehto

Joe & Fran White

Russ & Carole Luttinen

Cheryl Wegener

Betty Rutila

Karen Elkins

Kate Holtfreter

Lamont Whims


Reformation—Barbara Oster

Bill & Dee Springer

David & Carolyn Mann

Tom & Lee Miller

Ellie Shaw

Ellie Long

Barbara Oster


Revelation—Corey Hughes

Lois Gray

Helen Rafeld

Ray Johnson

Jane Passmore

Mary Woodring

Corey & Loretta Hughes





Small Catechism—Suzanne Lehto

Nancy Ammann

Marilyn Skay

Carolyn Burns

Jacque Passfield

Jan Naisanen

Sally Ton

Suzanne Lehto


95 Theses—BJ/Tom Christensen

Barb & Leonard Graf

Margaret & Jim Hutchison

Marilyn & Ron Dork

Jan & John Stretlein

BJ & Tom Christensen

Kris & Ken Smith

Tom Woodworth

Inga Nyquist

Cindy Petersen


Lutheranism 101—Matt & Shannon

Matt B. & Shannon N.

Paul & Lynette Wiedenhoff

Martin & Monica Graf

Sharon Weller

Tina & DJ Dohm

Tyler Bevier & Elizabeth

(Y) Quenten & Landen B.

(Y) Jacob & Aleah G.

(Y) Lincoln & Makenna D.

(Y) Greta & Edith W.

And there's a huge event looming for 2018...

Vacation Bible School!


After a couple of years of simply hiring Living Water to handle VBS at BLC...we are again taking it in-house.  That's going to mean more active leaders, more volunteers, and more recruiting of students to make it a huge success.  Please scroll down... 

Dianne Blair

Chair of Christian Education






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