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We journey with God, to serve with love

Specialized Ministries


Advent and Lenten Evenings

Join us every Wednesday during Advent and Lent for a night of food, fellowship, fun, and worship.  We meet at 6pm for dinner.  After dinner, there is a craft or special project which is geared toward our younger children, and then Worship begins at 7pm.  These nights are fun and meaningful.  All are welcome!


Assisting Ministers

Assisting Ministers assist our Pastor each weekend throughout each service.  The Assisting Minsiter leads prayers, lights candles, reads Scripture, and assists with Communion.  If you are interested in becoming an Assisting Minister, please contact the church office at (231) 947-9880.


Prayer Chain

None of us is ever alone.  God is there reaching out to us at every moment.  And there’s more.  The Bethlehem Lutheran Prayer Chain are real, local (and wider) partners ready to support you in prayer.  Jan Stretlien coordinates over two dozen regular Prayer Chain members.  Whenever you need them, they are there as well.  Reach Jan at 231-947-3265 or jstretlien@gmail.com.


Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting, and Quilting Groups

Several different groups meet weekly at BLC to share in these crafts and grow in friendship with one another.  Many of their creations are donated to organizations such as the Baby Pantry.  Let your fingers do the...well, you know...  Of course, there will be coffee, cookies, and plenty of conversation.

The quilters recently completed their 12,000th quilt from Bethlehem!  Now that's something!


Tuesday Work Group

Every Tuesday at around 9:00AM, a group of BLC individuals get together to help with building maintenance, landscaping, snow removal, lawn care, parking lot maintenance and other odd jobs.  There's always something to keep them busy!  If you are intersted in helping out, please contact Carl Lehto at cslehto@gmail.com.  Additionally, a special Landscaping Group operates during the spring, summer, and fall.  Individuals and families have taken over the care of various flowerbeds.  There's one awaiting your "green thumb"!   


WELCA Circles

WELCA stands for "Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America".  These circles meet on a monthly basis.  Purpose.  Energy.  And an opening for you...  For more information or to join a circle, please contact Nancy Ammann at nmammann@gmail.com or leave a message on her home phone at (231) 946-8433.  Of course, also the church office at (231) 947-9880.


XYZ (on hold)

XYZ stands for "Extra Years with Zest"!  This groups meets once a month to share lunch and listen to an informative presentation. 


If you have questions about any of our specialized ministry offerings, please feel free to contact the church office or the people mentioned in each section. We are always eager to help and welcome you! 

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