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We journey with God, to serve with love

Global Missions

Companion Synod relationships of the ELCA connect Lutheran churches throughout the world

with ELCA synods and congregations. These relationships are expressions of the communion

and fellowship with more than 140 Lutheran member churches of the Lutheran World



Our synod and congregation are connected with the:

• Christian Lutheran Church in Honduras (ICLH)

• Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia (ELCL)

• Evangelical Lutheran Church-Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG)



This small church exists in one of the poorest countries of the hemisphere. The church there

continues to witness to God’s grace with a holistic message of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Mission teams have built Habitat for Humanity homes; medical teams have provided expertise

and supplies. Others have provided water filters which enable people to secure potable water

with little or no cost. And lunches have been provided for kindergarten children, who often have

that as their only meal for the day.



Established in 1523, this church re-emerged when religious freedom was restored in 1988 and

grew stronger after its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The relationship between

our two churches is in its beginning stages of development and accompaniment.


Papua New Guinea

In 2009, a companionship covenant was signed between our synod and the PNG church,

which was founded in 1886. As working partners we share one another’s visions, life and

mission. We encourage one another and participate in one another’s ministries through prayer,

communication, and the exchange of resources and people.



Details about these partnerships are explained in detail at:


We All Are One in Mission

ELW 576


We all are one in mission;

         we all are one in call

                  our varied gifts united

         by Christ, the Lord of all.

A single great comission

         compels us from above

                  to plan and work together

         that all may know Christ's love.



We all are called for service,

         to witness to God's name.

                  Our ministries are different;

         our purpose is the same:

to touch the lives of others

         with God's surprising grace,

                  so every folk and nation

         may feel God's warm embrace.



Now let us be united,

         and let our song be heard.

                  Now let us be a vessel

         for God's redeeming Word.

We all are one in mission;

         we all are one in call,

                  our varied gifts united

         by Christ, the Lord of all.



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