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Mission Endowment Committee

A word from the Chair of the Mission Endowment Committee, Neal Kibby:

"What excites me about this committee is our connection to the entire community and, in some sense, the world - both for Christian mission for those in need and the stewardship of God's creation. When I make a donation to the Endowment Fund, I can trust that money will never be spent, but the proceeds of our Endowment Fund's investments will be used faithfully long after I am gone."

From the Committee's Statement of Purpose:

A1.      The purpose of the Mission Endowment Fund is to provide a vehicle and structure for charitable giving on a local and global level.  Members who have the ability and desire may use this means to further the mission of Bethlehem Lutheran Church in witnessing to the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

A2.      The purpose of the Mission Endowment Fund Committee is to promote funding for specific needs that support the church’s mission OUTSIDE Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  The committee will seek to provide a perpetual source of income to benefit the following current categories:

Missions: local, regional, and worldwide projects.
Christian education projects
Worship and music projects
Capital projects
Children and youth projects
Stewardship of God’s Creation
Other ministries the committee deems worthy

For more information on the Mission Endowment Committee, or to make a contribution to their ministry, contact Neal Kibby at 231-941-8513.

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