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We journey with God, to serve with love


The youth committee is all about…you guessed it…youth!  Whether it’s planning a mission trip to serve others in our state, country, or abroad, or planning the next fun activity, the youth committee is excited about serving the youth of BLC and encouraging them in their faith!  The committee also cares for and encourages the youth, walking with them through all of life’s milestones and cheering for them along the way.  


For more information, please contact Pastor Paul at paul.busekist@bethlehemtc.org or Alexis Steig at alexis.steig@bethlehemtc.com.


Please check the Youth and Christian Education Calendar for 2017-2018.


The best way to spread God's love is to be IN RELATIONSHIP! 



Meet our Director!



Alexis Steig, Director of Youth and Outreach 

"Our goal at BLC is to work towards a radical environment of inclusivity for all people- especially our youth! We strive to make God's Kingdom evident in the work we do and to serve the people around us."


Meet our Chair Person!

Jodi Kelly 

Jodi has been a spirited, reliable and incredibly consistent person to work with! Her compassion for our youth here at BLC is evident, and we are so blessed to have her on our team!




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