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We journey with God, to serve with love


Video 17 - 3rd Sunday after Pentecost, June 21st, 2020 - Christ prepares his disciples for the journey - urging not to worry

The season of Pentecost continues with Christ encouraging his disciples to understand their journey and proceed with hope.

Join us this Sunday Morning, virtually/online as we  invite God to speak to us in the now, and to the challenges of the day.

Click here for an easy to follow worship sheet for this service, or for any of our previous "Real Church Virtual " services...and God bless you all!

Check out  our latest worship service online in these venues:

Our Facebook Video Page, especially with our "Live Watch Party" this Sunday, June 21st, at 10am (we will also "re-cast" the service this Wednesday, 6/24th at 7pm)

Our YouTube Channel "RealChurchVirtual",

Or directly to the YouTube video for Sunday the 21st (uploaded by Sunday a.m.)

Both services will also be followed by our new "Zoom Fellowship" sessions, so check your email for login information.

Real Church Virtual is here..

We hope you can take a few moments and experience church online with us.

There are several ways to get to these virtual services, and the quickest is to visit our "RealChurchVirtual" YouTube page (The other options, like Vimeo and Facebook, have the benefits of being able to download the service - Vimeo - or connect with others to share it - on Facebook).

We hope you enjoy, and God bless!

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