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Thinking About Psalm 23, Part 5 - Living in the Hope and Comfort

June 8, 2020

I hope you have enjoyed the series I have written about Psalm 23.  I have found the experience to be fulfilling and insightful.  As I read and reread these verses, I am struck by the simplicity it offers the reader.  We all look for ways to simplify our lives.  There is much chaos, confusion, and events that seem to swirl around us every day. I see Psalm 23 as a very simplified version of life:

Beside me – My Shepherd

Beneath me – Green Pastures

Near me – Still Waters

Ahead of me – Righteous Paths

Within me – Restored Soul

Against me – My Enemies

For me – His Rod and Staff

Around me – A Rich Table

Upon me – Oil of Anointment

Above me – Overflowing Blessings

Behind me – Goodness and Mercy

Before me – God’s House

The last line of the Psalm: “I shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever.”, is a powerful affirmation of hope and faith.  As Christians we have been chosen to be God’s sheep and Christ is our shepherd.  We are safe and assured under His care.  I suggest that you make Psalm 23 your Psalm.  Read it slowly and meditate on its meaning for your life.  Be a faithful follower of your Shepherd, Christ.  In Him you will find peace, hope, and rest for your soul.

The Lord is my Shepherd – that’s more than enough.

Phil Anderson

Posted by Phil Anderson at 12:00 am
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