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Thinking About Being a Light to the World

July 20, 2020

I have a nightlight in my hallway.  It casts a bit of light in the darkness and is particularly helpful when I am trying to navigate my way to wherever in the middle of the night.  This bit of light in the darkness reminded me of the second part of the Bible verse I wrote about last week.  Let’s talk for a few paragraphs about Matthew 5: verses 14-16.

We live in difficult times – you already know that.  We need light to guide us and give us hope for the future.  We need to hear from Jesus every day and to know that we are the glimmer of light for the little bit of earth where we live, work, and play.  We need to know that Jesus walks before us and with us and His presence is the light that illuminates our path. 

Jesus said in verse 14, “You are the light of the world.” What an awesome responsibility!  You and I are called to carry on the ministry of Jesus – called to be the light in a dark world.  Jesus knew his time on earth was limited.  He charged his disciples and each of us today with providing light through the witness of love for all of His creation and the good works done out of love and gratitude.  Good works, done in love and gratitude give glory to God.  If we truly love one another, our lives will demonstrate acts of mercy and compassion.

The purpose of our good works is not to draw attention to ourselves or garner personal praise, but instead to “give glory to your Father in heaven.”  All that we do, we should do to the greater glory of God.

Be the light that shines in someone’s dark hallway.  Be the lighthouse that sends out a beacon, leading others to safe harbor.

-Phil Anderson

Posted by Phil Anderson at 12:00 am
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