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"Home Church"

April 13, 2020

We traveled to southwest Michigan right before the "stay home-stay safe" ruling in order to celebrate 3birthdays with our grandchildren.  On Sunday 

morning we knew they were hosting up to 6 others for a small Hispanic group “home church” as organized by their pastor.  We took our computer downstairs so we could watch Bethlehem’s service while they were above us in the living room.  It was rather surreal as we listened to the readings and sermon in English on our computer and we  heard them all singing in Spanish above us along with the live feed on their TV.  I know it is still far in the future on the church calendar, but I have never felt a better experience of Pentecost than I did right then.  Yes, there is hope for a future.


Posted by Cindy Monroe at 12:00 am
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