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September 23, 2020

The age of covid has certainly affected us all.  Fortunately for me I live in the woods in Empire where it is easy to social distance.  One way I have taken advantage of God’s kingdom and social distance is to ride my bicycle.  So far this year I have ridden 1,268 miles with more to come.  I hope others can get outdoors and enjoy nature while staying safe.  My most recent ride was 32 miles to check out Shalda Creek to see if the salmon were starting their Fall run.  Then a pass by Inspiration Point over Glen Lake.  There was a 35 mph offshore breeze that unfortunately was a head-wind riding home.  Nevertheless a joy to be out riding free and easy in nature.  Enjoy nature, stay safe and do not be afraid.

Posted by Dave Peppler at 12:00 am
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