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Beginning, Middle, End

April 29, 2020

Many people have given us hope throughout the past few months by telling us that the current Covid 19 situation has a beginning, a middle and an end.  While we are still in the middle, each day we are getting closer to the end.  Pr Paul and staff are working towards the time that we are able to worship and have fellowship together.  How we are going to do that is still being discussed.  There are different options being considered for such things as how many services each weekend, how we do Communion, how to handle the passing of the peace, where do we sit, etc. for our worship and fellowship.  We are planning for the “new normal” – whatever that turns out to be.  We are working on getting back to our services slowly with the care and safety of our congregation in mind.   The staff and all the volunteers are also considered in the planning.  I will be reaching out soon to our worship volunteers for help in volunteer planning.
Take care
Shalom – Do not be afraid
Barbara Oster

Posted by Barbara Oster at 12:00 am
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