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A New Tree, a New Train of Thought...

December 24, 2020

When Meredith bought a new synthetic Christmas tree this year, I must confess: I was a little skeptical. Thoughts like "do we really need this?" and "what's wrong with the old one?" seeped into my mind...though the old tree was clearly showing signs of wear, to be quite fair!


Then I saw the tree. Unlike the one my family grew up with (you know, the standard cool fake trees where even the trunk and branches are the same dark green as the needles?), this one had a trunk that was brown, and in general just looked a lot like the real deal. It's branches were not completely symmetrical and full (hint: we're not talkin' "Charlie the Brown tree" here, but instead something perfectly imperfect and awesome). So when it was fully decorated I had to admit, "She was right, and this is beautiful."


That was Aha! Moment #1.


Then a good friend gave Parker a cute little "heirloom" plastic train set that was perfect for putting under the Christmas tree. It wasn't remote control and used just a single AA battery, but what a delight it caused! Yes, we've been blessed to play with super-awesome Lionel trains that sprawl across multiple sections of tables with make-believe hills and bridges...in someone else's sacred locomotive space. And don't get me wrong, there's nothing cooler. And yeah, we may have some of those cool wooden tracks for non-automated "Thomas the Train" cars, and so on...


But Aha! Moment #2 was the kicker. Watching our son enjoy the simple gifts, and simple pleasures, provided a "kick" of my own - where often joy is found. Those less elaborate gifts and surprising simplicities...Those are some of the "trains of my new thinking" to appreciate this Christmas season.


This December 25th we celebrate a savior who did not have all the bells and whistles at his birth. Nor did he have all the gadgetry and pageantry of Hollywood royalty or modern superheroes. Jesus connects us to the simpler gifts, and the new tree of life...which is, of course, the light of the world. The Christ and the "God with Us."


Much peace, and blessings to you. And may you be amazed at all the elemental gifts of grace and joy this Christmas.


"All aboard!"


-Pr. Paul

Posted by Paul Busekist at 12:00 am
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