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College and Young Adult Small Groups




ONTAP stands for Old and New Testament Appendix Project, and it really just means that God is always speaking to us!  While the Biblical canon has been closed for quite some time, Martin Luther insisted that God is always present with us and continues to speak to us.  

VerseONTAP seeks to be a place where we listen to how God is still speaking.  We meet four times per year- twice in the Fall and twice in the Winter at a local at a local restaurant.  We conduct this in cooperation with our friends in Christ from The Presbyterian Church in Traverse City.  We have a live band (Nexxus) that plays each month as we take different musicians (or bands) and hear how their music and lyrics speak to our faith.  In the past we have talked about the music of U2 and The Beatles, Johnny Cash, America, and others.

VerseONTAP is a great way to get to know new people, all while listening to some great music and enjoying a beverage of your choice.


"Faith and Family" small group

If you are looking for small group and would enjoy sharing a meal once a month, this group is for you!  We meet monthly to share dinner, get to know one another, laugh, and talk about our faith.  This group is for young adults and young families.


"Chapter and Verse" small group

Ever wanted to join a "book club" but never had the time or will-power to read a WHOLE book each month?  This small group is for adults in their 30s and 40s and meets monthly, asking each member to read an assigned chapter beforehand and bring a verse from Scripture that might relate...and if you can't think of a Bible verse, don't stress!  Come on over anyway!  For more information, please contact Pastor Paul Busekist at paul.busekist@bethlehemtc.org or 947-9880




For any questions or for more information, please contact Alexis, DIrector of Youth and Outreach

(231) 590-1099


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