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2014-2015Blog: Our Church with a Purpose!

The Purpose Driven Church; Chapters 15 & 16 - Selecting Your Music

July 24, 2015

The Purpose Driven Church; Chapters 15 & 16

Selecting Your Music

Pastor Rick Warren says that if he were starting Saddleback Church all over again…he’d pay more attention to music.  He notes that music…not baseball…is the national pastime.  Everybody listens to music...

Part Three: (Reaching Out to Your Community) - Chapter 11 - (Developing Your Strategy) & Part Four (Bringing In A Crowd - Chapter 12 - (How Jesus Attracted Crowds)

April 22, 2015

The Purpose Driven Church- Chapters 11 and 12

Rick says, "Dad knew where the fish were biting.  he studied whre they were under various conditions, he knew when they were hungry and when they moved to cooler water.  When the wind shifted, he knew where they were going."  Rick fished when he was hungry.  Rick fished at the closest casting spot regardless of time or weather.  To catch fish you have to think like a fish.  And what of "Fishers of men"?

Part One (Seeing the Big Picture) - Chapters Three ("What Drives Your Church?") and Four ("The Foundation of a Healthy Church")

October 21, 2014

The Purpose Driven Church, Chapters 3 & 4


Chapter 3 asks the question, “What Drives Your Church?”  Every church is driven by something.  It could be a guiding force, a controlling assumption, a directing conviction.  It may be unspoken, it may be unknown to many, and most likely it has never been voted upon.  Among the forces driving churches are tradition, personality, finances (too little or too much money), programs (too many or too few), buildings (too big or too small), certain events (events must always happen or never happen) or seekers (persons looking for a church should not drive the church agenda).  The church should be driven by a purpose that is clearly defined.  Growing, healthy churches have a...

Part One (Seeing the Big Picture) - Chapter Two "Myths About Growing Churches"

September 4, 2014

The Purpose Driven Church; Chapter 2 “Myths About Growing Churches”

I was interested in what Warren would say about “mega-churches”…a designation he does not embrace.  Can a huge auditorium or arena setting deliver the personal message of salvation?  Are real relationships developed?  And what about the tendency of megachurches to back away from denominational identification?  Some of what I see and hear- through my own lens- is so very rosy.  I’ll say it, I’m uncomfortable with...

Part One (Seeing the Big Picture) - Chapter One "The Saddleback Story"

August 19, 2014

The Purpose Driven Church; Chapter 1 “The Saddleback Story”

Oh, to have the clean slate, the unblemished canvas, the unencumbered possibilities that young Rick Warren had!  I’m afraid that’s my initial reaction.  I’m personalizing and thinking first about newly married Jana and me…no home, no jobs, no cares…a few nights at the lake and then off to Europe for a month of back-packing…then buying a used VW, renting a Ryder truck, and heading to Washington, DC to start our life together.  No jobs.  No housing set.  No guarantees.  Sure some challenges expected…but boundless upside…each step a victory.

Thrust into my current role, I’m afraid I’m thinking about Rick’s savvy- Spirit driven or not.  He didn’t go to Thailand, West Texas, or rural Mississippi.  He went to...

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