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“Save Us From The Time Of Trial”

November 3, 2021

                                                          “Save Us From The Time Of Trial”


A good number of us pray a version of the Lord’s Prayer including “save us from the time of trial”.  Certainly the worldwide trial of COVID has arched over a myriad of other personal challenges each of us have faced in these last eighteen months.

As we use our minds and skills to address each of our obstacles, we ask God’s guidance.  We seek God’s peace.  And we feel God’s love often through those around us who reflect Christ to us.  We are sure of God’s saving grace.

Our trials- especially as we age- are sure.  As followers of the Christ, we should be ready to reach out in love to others as we see their needs and also how to accept loving care with grace.  We need to live this life fully- sure in the knowledge that God has open arms for us at the end of the day.

Posted by Tom Rockne at 12:00 am
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