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Emmanuel - God With Us

December 2, 2021

Emmanuel- God With Us


The creator of the universe and all that is in it…came to us.

God cared so deeply about our wanderings that God came to see the world from our perspective. 

Bethlehem of Judea was a far off Roman province and I am not clear at all about the timing…but God did not stay apart from us or above us, or unapproachable to us.  God came to us and forever made Bethlehem a head-shaking place of wonder. 

And today, God continues to seek us out individually.  Quietly.  Personally.  Lovingly.  Relentlessly.  In the quiet cold of northern Finland; in the burning scrub and sand of the Australian outback; in the shimmering sands of the southern African coast.  And right here in the beautiful lakes and forests of northern Michigan. 

We are reminded each Christmas that our God welcomes each approach.  Questions are fine.  Doubt is fine.  Every reaction is fine…as each one springs from our search to know God.

Come, Lord Jesus.  Come, babe of Bethlehem.  Come, Emmanuel.

Posted by Tom Rockne at 12:00 am
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