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We journey with God, to serve with love

Lent and Final Four Days of Holy Week and Easter 2018

Even though Lent is a season of reflection with a somber tone, there is much to look forward to, as we walk this road through Lent to Easter Sunday...

Wednesday "Lent Nights":

Starting at on February 21st, at 5:30 each Wednesday evening we gather in the Fellowship Hall for dinner, some topics of discussion, and a short worship service. This year's theme will be "I Love to Tell the Story" during the 6:15-7pm discussion time. We will have our worship in the Fellowship Hall at 7pm, so families can stay for Holden Evening Prayer or other worship styles (see below), as we walk this journey together...concluding at 7:30:

     Wed. Feb  21, 7pm - Holden Evening Prayer

     Wed. Feb  28, 7pm - Holden Evening Prayer

     Wed. Mar 7, 7pm - Worship with Celebrate Worship Band

     Wed. Mar 14, 7pm - Holden Evening Prayer

     Wed. Mar 21, 7pm - Worship with Celebrate Worship Band

Sunday Mornings:

We travel together this Lenten season on Christ's journey to the cross, culminating with Palm Sunday and Holy Week.

Palm Sunday Weekend - March 24th (5pm) and 25th (8:45 and 11am)

Move over college hoops, the "March (into Jerusalem) Madness" starts again this Palm Sunday Weekend with some festive songs and the celebration of Jesus' ride into Jerusalem! Whether in triumph or anxious anticipation of the cross, it is a big moment - with palms, songs, and some very special music to mark the "madness" of our human "hosannas" to Jesus, seemingly unaware of the dark path (to Friday) that Christ travels for our sake...

The REAL "Final Four Days" In Lent and Easter: 

Known in some circles as "The Three Days" or "The Tridium" (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), we celebrate the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus for those three days. But at Bethlehem we add the fourth day - Easter Sunday - to the group, as the "resurrection-in -full" service, and the completion of "The REAL Final Four" Days of this Lent andEaster Journey.

Maundy Thursday, March 29th at 7pm: 

Here we celebrate the ancient "Passover" story and the final ("Last") supper Jesus enjoyed with his disciples, coupled with the (optional) footwashing ritual within the context of the 7pm worship service. We end the service with a reading of Psalm 22 and a stripping-down of the altar.

Good Friday, March 30th at Noon and 7pm: 

This year we have two highlights:

- The "Seven Last Words of Jesus" Community service at Central United Methodist Church from 12-3pm on Friday, March 30th, where our  own Pr. Paul will be preaching! Pr. Paul's "word" is the 5th saying, "I thirst."(Luke 23:43b) at around 1:30pm (but we encourage you to attend the whole service if you are able!)

- Our 7pm Good Friday evening service held at Bethlehem, March 30th, where the bare altar and dark veil remind us of the sadness of a Friday that was "Good" only because Christ went to the cross for our sake.

Holy Saturday / Easter Vigil, March 31st - 7pm:

Most folks say that Easter begins on Holy Saturday. For that reason, the ancient Christian churches often did most or all of their baptisms for the year on this night. At Bethlehem we watch the "dawn from on high breaking upon us." Come and see for yourself the power of the opening tomb!

Easter Sunday, April 1st - 8:45 a.m. & 11 a.m.: 

Celebration of the resurrection, in-full! Join us for a morning of Easter resurrection praise, along with a wonderful brunch at 9:15am!

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