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The Latest BLC COVID Direction

March 2, 2022


                                        Covid Update - Masks OPTIONAL


The Grand Traverse County Covid positivity remains below the 14-day average 17.5% Covid positivity threshold set up by Council for our current precautions. Therefore, we will stay at our new worship masking standard of “masks optional for vaccinated persons and required for unvaccinated persons.” This will ensure that we are doing our part to keep our parishioners and community safe.

Munson Healthcare announced that they have moved from COVID-19 pandemic Level Orange to Yellow status.

They say the move in levels comes as infection rates decline in the community and a lesser amount of COVID-19 patients are in health system hospitals.

The Yellow status allows the hospital to loosen visitation restrictions.

According to Munson Healthcare Chief Safety and Quality Office Joe Santangelo, M.D., the step down to Pandemic Level Yellow represents another welcome sign for the health system and the community.



Stay safe, pray for all good things, and see you soon!

-Your Bethlehem Church Council




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