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Making Sense of Martin Luther

October 8, 2019

Dear Bethlehem friends,

We  continue our adult education series "Making Sense of Martin Luther" by Lutheran theologian David Lose...

Here are a few updates:

1. We will meet in the Youth Room each Sunday morning at 9:45am during the next 2 months.

2. We have scanned in and made temporarily available the texts up to the 3rd chapter, also available at the private BLC weblink below (we will only provide "for educational use only" photocopies for the first 3 chapters, for copyright and copy cost reasons.) If you would like a paper copy, we encourage you to print out these chapters early on and order a book for texts beyond the 3rd chapter, through the church or directly at augsburgfortress.org:


We will focus on the following chapters on the following dates (You don't have to read the book, but the intro and chapters 1-3 will be located at the BLC private server link below, and it is good stuff; we will not email out all chapters, for copyright and printing reasons, but a book order sign-up is available in the church):

Session 1 (Oct. 6th): The Reluctant Reformer

Session 2 (Oct. 13th): Freedom!

Session 3 (Oct. 27th): The Present-Tense God

Session 4 (Nov. 3rd): The Ambidextrous God

(Notice we have the Intergenerational Event Nov. 10th)

Session 5 (Nov. 17th):  Called for Good

Session 6 (Nov. 24th): God Hidden and Revealed

Session 7 (Dec. 1st): Sempul Simul

We hope to see you Sundays!

- Pr. Paul, Annie and the mystery presenter to be named later ;)



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