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2016 Advent Devotional Blog - Names for the Messiah

Week Four - Prince of Peace

November 21, 2016

Week Four - Prince of Peace

The King is responsible for the social order, including peace.  That is Jesus’ vocation – bringing peace.  Jesus is not a prince in the normal sense; as a prince of peace, he is not tone who imposes it from a position of coercive power, as is true for empires.  His peace is not your normal form.  Instead it is a peace that is “dangerous, subversive, and a contradiction of all that is...

Week Three - Everlasting Father

November 20, 2016

Week Three - Everlasting Father

The image of God as our “Father” is prominent throughout the Bible. It makes sense because in early days, the world was ruled by patriarchal tradition. A father was someone who guided, supervised and provided for his family. He was the one who exercised the most power and had the most responsibility. A king is also charged with these same things...to protect and care for the people of his realm and is given great power and responsibility with his title. Not surprisingly, the Bible desingnates God as both "King" and

Week Two - Mighty God

November 19, 2016

Week Two - Mighty God

We expect certain things in the Advent season, one of which is special music – especially Handel’s Messiah. All four of these names have been used throughout the history of the church, and are especially familiar to many people through Handel’s music …Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.

In  chapter 2 of Names for the Messiah,  Brueggemann speaks more about the title, “Mighty God”. He compares the power of Jesus to...


Week One (Nov 27-Dec 3)- Wonderful Counselor

November 18, 2016

Week One - Wonderful Counselor

Brueggemann starts our thinking by pointing out that Isaiah 9:2-7 is well known due to Handel's Messiah. The message we read in isaiah 9:2-7 is about anticipating peace & prosperity in lieu of a new King. Brueggemann claims that Handel has mistaken the scripture by separating the title "Wonderful Counselor" into two titles, "Wonderful, Counselor." He firmly believes that "The two terms are to be taken together as "wonderful counselor" or "counselor of wonders" (p3). Brueggemann then leads us through historical connections to the scripture & story of Jesus' birth.  The big drama at hand is 


Introduction: Advent Study Book Title & Bible Verse

November 17, 2016

Names for the Messiah by Walter Brueggemann

From the beginnings of our Christian faith, we have claimed Isaiah 9:2-7 as our own...a prediction of Jesus Christ, the Messiah foretold in the Hebrew Scriptures (i.e. Old Testament).

As we read this formative scripture (printed below), we 

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Names of the Messiah: An Advent Study" by Walter Brueggeman

Week One - "Wonderful Counselor".....November 27 - December 3

Week Two - "Mighty God".....December 4 - 10

Week Three - "Everlasting Father".....December 11 - 17

Week Four - "Prince of Peace".....December 18 - 24

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